Pray with us

Jesus’ disciples asked him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” We’re still learning.

How do I pray?

Praying is simple, and also complex. Praying is as simple and as natural as hugging someone you love. It is as complicated as your deepest relationships.

In the Parish of Bengeo, we give special time to being with God – ‘quality time’ that we’d give to our family members.

As in all relationships there are times when we want to say a lot, and times when we want to say only a little. Prayer can be a gentle conversation, a deep heart-to-heart, or a painful lament. Prayer words might include, ‘Help’, ‘Thanks’ or ‘Wow.’

However you pray, whatever you want to say, God is listening.

Keeping it in the family

When Jesus teaches his disciples to pray the first words he uses are ‘Our Father.’ He prays like a child speaking to a father, and every word is heard.

As a loving father to the human family, God waits to hear the prayers of all his people, together. That’s why small groups of 6 – 10 people meet regularly to pray together in the Parish of Bengeo, bringing their personal prayers to God, and the hopes and needs of those around them.

Join us to spend time in quiet and stillness, listening to God our Father, thankful that God is listening too. Quiet Time is held at Holy Trinity Church and St. Leonard’s every week throughout the year at 8pm on Tuesday evenings.

Can we pray for you?

Tell God what’s going on for you – and if you can’t, let us help. Contact us to request a prayer.

You don’t need to give us the words of your prayer – just let us know what we should be thinking about when we remember you before God. Your prayer request will be held in strict confidence by our prayer team. We may contact you by email to confirm that we are praying for you, but your prayer request and personal information will not be distributed or used for any other purpose.

If you need ongoing support, the clergy are available to talk, pray with you or make a home visit, you can request this from our contact page.