A baptism at Holy Trinity Church


I want to have my baby Christened. What do I do?

What is a Christening?

Each new baptism is a momentous event in the life of Holy Trinity Church. At the Baptism Service, our church community welcomes a new Christian and promises support and prayer for their future.

You become part of this Church when you get baptised. Do come and find out who and what we are before you join us!

What do I do next?

Of course, baptism is as important to you as it is to us. You’ll want to approach the service carefully. Pick up a registration form from the clergy after a church service and fill it in. You’ll be asked to supply the full names of either three or four sponsors or ‘godparents’ who will themselves be baptised into the Christian Church, and ideally be confirmed communicant members of the Church of England. The clergy are happy to come and meet you at home to talk through the significance and symbolism of the service. The Vicar is on hand to advise.

Holy Trinity or St Leonard’s?

We’re lucky enough to have two church buildings in Bengeo Parish: Holy Trinity and St. Leonard’s. A baptism service can be arranged at either church. However, for a variety of practical reasons we would prefer to arrange services at Holy Trinity Church which best lends itself to the occasion. If you have a special connection for St. Leonard’s church then we can make arrangements for a service to be held there during summer months.

I don’t want to come to church. Can I still get baptized?

Yes! The gift of God’s love is available to all – no strings attached. Nevertheless, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to get to know you and your family. Baptism is a far richer experience for taking seriously the promises made around the font that bring you closer to God the Father and the worldwide family of the Christian Church.

At the baptism service we offer our old lives to God and put on the new life of Christ. It is a joyful privilege which will reshape your future.

Special requests

We want to support you in your faith as best we can. Your baptism enquiry might include some special circumstances you want us to consider.

Perhaps you want to come to church, but can’t because of work commitments.

Perhaps you’d prefer something like a thanksgiving service for your child without solemn obligations to Christian commitment.

Perhaps a blessing service is an appropriate way to mark a significant moment in the life of your child, like a recovery from illness or an adoption.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some kind of change or renewal in your adult life of faith and want to know what to do about it.

If so, please contact us. God is moving through people’s lives in very different ways, and we’re keen to help you express your experience of God – and listen to God’s will for you.

Any child who is weak or in danger of death will be baptised without delay at home or in hospital. Call the Vicar on 01992 413691 to arrange this.

Further information

There’s no set fee for a baptism service held in the Parish of Bengeo. Baptism is a service that recalls the free gift of God’s love for you – so there isn’t any bill from the church afterward! Of course, there is a cost to us for heating, lighting and running the church and it would be kind if you’d recognise that in a donation. Whatever you feel best to leave to church is gratefully received – it will help to make sure our church doors are open for others considering baptism too.

Want to know more? Please phone the Rectory on 01992 41391 or email for further assistance, or come to church to any service where you’ll find a priest available. We are happy to help.

Want to book a venue for your party afterwards? Why not consider our church hall?