Projects and Groups

Projects and Groups

The Parish of Bengeo is a parish church, dedicated to the parish it serves, standing alongside people through good times and in bad. Our church buildings host services of celebration and sorrow for local residents. Our church members offer a listening ear and a helping hand to their neighbours.

Wherever you are on your life journey it is our privilege to walk alongside you. Our Bereavement Café was set up by church volunteers to support local people mourning a loved one. Our social groups, such as ‘Men of Bengeo’ and ‘Bengeo Coffee Pot’, our Monday lunch club and monthly Book Club bring people together and help build community life in this area.

We also raise money through fundraising events for national and international charities to help build a better world. Our Bible-story telling team work in local schools so that a new generation can understand the world’s spiritual story.

Our churches are a forum for the young and old to meet together. They provide a hub for community life. They represent God’s life in our midst.

‘Life in all its fullness’ is God’s promise to us in Jesus. We want to be a part of it!