Bereavement Cafés

Drop in for tea, coffee and a chat

An informal, monthly drop-in for adults who want to meet, share experiences and chat with people who have also been through bereavement. Hosted by friendly local people, set up by volunteers from Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo.

Virtual Bereavement Café

Our Bereavement Café is up and running online, reaching out to you and helping you reach out to others. Join here through Facebook:

Bengeo Bereavement Café

Our Bereavement Café runs twice-monthly at Bengeo in Hertford, every first Wednesday afternoon of the month from 2.30pm-4pm and every third Thursday evening of the month from 6.30pm – 8pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, from across the district and wherever you live. You can find us at The Secret Garden Tea Room, 89 The Avenue, Hertford SG14 3DU.

2024 Dates:
Wednesday 3rd January CLOSED
Thursday 18th January
Wednesday 7th February
Thursday 15th February
Wednesday 6th March
Thursday 21st March
Wednesday 3rd April
Thursday 18th April
Wednesday 1st May
Thursday 16th May
Wednesday 5th June
Thursday 20th June
Wednesday 3rd July
Thursday 18th July

For more information please contact us via Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo
Tel: 01992 413691

The Hertford Bereavement Café at Hertford Methodist Church

Our New Bereavement Café is now running monthly at The Oasis Café at Hertford Methodist Church on Ware Road in Hertford, every second Thursday afternoon of the month from 2.30pm-4pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, from across the district and wherever you live. You can find us at The Oasis Café, Hertford Methodist Church, Ware Road, Hertford SG13 7DZ.

Meetings of the Bereavement Café in Hertford will be on the second Thursday of every month:
Thursday 11th January
Thursday 8th February
Thursday 14th March
Thursday 11th April
Thursday 9th May
Thursday 13th June
Thursday 11th July

What is a Bereavement Café?

Volunteers from Holy Trinity Church Bengeo have set up a Bereavement Café to offer to people a place to meet and connect with others who have had similar experiences to their own. It is a safe place to speak openly about our experiences, or simply just meet up for a coffee or a cup of tea.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close to them, no matter how long ago, is welcome to the Bereavement Café. It is free to attend and you are welcome to drop in at any time during the afternoon / evening. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal, just like a real café, with hot drinks and refreshments.

Find local events

There are a growing number of Bereavement Cafés throughout West Essex and East Herts.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest information and find other Bereavement Café events, please ask our host team at the Bereavement Cafés or contact us on 01992 413691 through Holy Trinity Church Bengeo or email us at and we’ll help as best we can.