About our church

About our church

We asked some people about their relationship with Bengeo Church. Why go? What’s it all about for them? What made them want to belong? Click to see what they said about MyBengeoChurch.



It’s important for my children to learn about compassion, love and forgiveness – values I encourage them to take forward into their lives



I feel accepted here for whom I am – it’s a community that wants to make you feel comfortable



A place where I can sort out my thoughts, add meaning to my life and restore some sense to the world.



They have got lots of Lego upstairs. God likes Lego.



A physical and spiritual reference in my life. It’s home.



This is where I find a humble sense of place. A place where I can be still.



The beauty of this church inspires me, and its holiness has rubbed off on the many friends my family and I have made here.



In a hectic life it offers an aura of tranquillity, providing the opportunity to truly reflect and think of others.



I can be quiet here – which is rare – and giggle over a cuppa with my friends.



The peace runs deep here. I want to scoop up a bucketful and take it away with me.