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Lost and found

How carefully do you look for something that’s lost?
Today we find out how carefully God looks for US if we’ve got lost or wandered away from him.
And there’s a special guest who’s also looking for something special…

The Invisible Power of Jesus

Today we’re exploring what Jesus meant when he said he was “the Vine”…
…with the help of Basil the Branch, and a ping pong ball!

Incredible But True

Today’s Junior Church video, complete with the hope, sorrow, and final joy of the original Easter Story. 

With a bit of chocolatey deliciousness thrown in…

The Loving Father – March 2021

Let’s think about forgiveness…
It’s often difficult to forgive someone who’s upset us, but we know how good it feels when someone else forgives US. 
Today’s story explains how God is always ready to forgive us if we’re truly sorry. 
God’s love is AMAZING!

Baby Jesus visits the Temple – February 2021

It’s just 40 days since Jesus was born, and Jewish tradition takes Mary and Joseph to the Temple to present their first-born to God.
Wise old Owl helps us to understand a special message in today’s story.
And we discover how to be God’s hands, feet and eyes in our world today.

Visitors from the East

None of us can travel far right now, but today’s story describes a very long journey – guided by a star!
What is our guiding light? And how can we best find Jesus?

The Angel’s Secret

Sheep is dressed up for Christmas, so is disappointed to discover it’s still a few weeks away.

But we find out that although waiting for Christmas is tough, there are many ways that this season of Advent can help us count down to the big day.

Let your light shine!

Today we’re celebrating All Saints Day with shining lights and a spot of dressing up.

Sheep discovers that Saints aren’t just pictures in books – we can all shine in today’s world!

Thank you for the Harvest

Teddy Horsley brings us a special story about God’s Creation for our harvest celebration.

This year our harvest services might look very different, but Teddy Horsley discovers that doesn’t stop us being thankful and sharing our many blessings with others.

Reaching you in lockdown: check out our latest children’s video with Sheep, Rabbit, Anne and her ukulele!

September’s video is below:

Our Junior Church activities are currently suspended – but when we’re up and running again come and find us!

Junior Church in Church
(currently suspended)

We meet every Sunday, except when there is an All Age Communion service when the whole of the church family worships together. Children join the Junior Church session in the Millennium Rooms from the main service in the church at the start of the first hymn.

We briefly introduce ourselves and light a candle to remind children that, ‘Jesus is the light of the world’. Although each session is different, it usually includes:

  • Stories from the Bible  
  • Songs
  • Creative activity, e.g. colouring or sticking
  • Prayers

The children rejoin their parents in the service during Holy Communion and are brought up to the altar rail for a blessing. After Communion, Robert, our vicar, asks children to share what they have been doing with the rest of the congregation.

Surely my baby is too young?

You’d be amazed! Even very tiny babies love the company of the other children and enjoy the atmosphere at Junior Church.

Do I stay with my child or join the main congregation?

That’s up to you. Mothers and carers of older children are encouraged to join the main service. But if your child is very young, we understand that you may wish to stay with them.

Please be confident that we will call you from the service if your child is in any way distressed or needs to go to the toilet.

Family friendly facilities

If you are still breast-feeding and feel awkward feeding in front of others whom you don’t yet know, you can use the downstairs Millennium Room.

There is a toilet in the entrance lobby that has changing facilities. Please take any dirty nappies home with you.

children in church

All Age Communion Service

The main Christian festivals are celebrated with an All Age Communion Service at which families and children all worship together in the main church. In these services the worship is child-friendly and the children participate in a variety of ways.


Good2Go is the new name for our children’s activities taking place on the second Sunday of each month. Children of any age can enjoy a range of different activities from month to month – singing, games and crafts, Messy Church and Godly Play. Sign up to our newsletter or check out our Facebook page to get the latest news on our next plans, or just drop by at 10am on the second Sunday of any month to see what’s happening. It’ll be Good to Go!

Child Portrait


Please call our vicar, Robert Thompson on 01992 413691 if you are interested in having your child baptised, or come and meet him after any service in church.


Preparation for confirmation involves a course of instruction. Please call our vicar, Robert Thompson on 01992 413691 if you are interested in becoming confirmed.

Safeguarding Policy

The Parish of Bengeo has appointed Children’s Welfare Officers who ensure that all members of the team are screened in accordance with the Parish’s Safeguarding Policy, a full PDF file of which can be downloaded here.

Our child welfare officer is Bridget Hersant: 01992 422702.

Further information on Safeguarding

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