The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father

Bengeo Prayers

In Bengeo Post Office queue:

Be blessed in this time and in this place 
as you try your hardest to remain present to this moment,
as you try to live in the now
and not the past or in the future,
as you try to be at ease with this very minute -
not who you were
​and not who you might be.​

For new parents in Bengeo:

To the God of the small hours and the long nights
To the God of tiny hands, tiny feet and a tiny heartbeat
To the God who numbers the hairs on your head
and the days of your life
To the God of our future:
For this child,
For your blessings,
Our thanks

An aspect of Byde Street:

Lord, bless Byde Street
thoroughfare of city workers,
early risers, passing strangers, transient guests:
May the blessing of a love that transcends indifference
and brings reconciliation
be in your heart and in your mind and in your hands
as you travel to and fro.
Return safe to the familiar love
of family, friends, spouses, partners;
May you be blessed by the power of God the Father
who draws us together
and calls us home.

Short thoughts for a Bengeo commuter after a long hard day:

Be blessed...
as you face the reality that not everyone will agree with you,
that the world is full of thinking minds and varying opinions,
and that not all of those will be of the same accord.

Be blessed...
as you seek out humility knowing
that who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow.

Be willing to love others as you continue to seek.
Be willing to stay engaged, to listen
not simply waiting to share your opinion
but listening to truly understand.

Thanks for an unexpected kindness:

You are blessed when you give -
when you look past your own nose
to see the need of your neighbour.

You are blessed when you love freely and generously
lending your hands and your hearts
not expecting interest or even return.

You are blessed when you don't look away
when you stare the world's need in the eye
without looking through or turning.

You are blessed as you engage in community,
finding both the safe place to be just as you are
and challenged to be a part of a body -
something bigger than yourself.

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