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Bengeo blessings

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘love thy neighbour’. What does it mean for you?

Sometimes it can mean something very simple – like saying a prayer for your neighbours, remembering before God the people living around you, and blessing them.

In the Parish of Bengeo we’d like to find a way of making a blessing over the people who live and work here.

Email a prayer for your road or street or a particular aspect of life in the Parish of Bengeo.

Find some words to thank God for the people in your corner of our community. Bless its homes. Bless its schools, its shops and offices, its streets and parks. Bless its places of work, its places of entertainment, its places of worship.

But more than anything else, bless its people.

We’ll read what you send us and post prayers on our Prayer for Today page.

If you can’t mail a prayer then come back to this site sometime to see if someone has written a prayer to bless your part of Bengeo.

If there is, then you’ll know there’s someone out there who wants to declare before God the life of this neighbourhood, and thanks God for your place in it.

A blessing on your prayer writing:

Blessings as you live a life of love
listening for the joy or pain others travel with.
Blessings as you learn the lines of each other’s faces,
the smiles and tears that left them there.
Blessings as you choose to see what the world looks like
from other eyes,
 with no hidden agenda and with humility.
Blessings are you share, as you help, as you live.

Examples of Bengeo Blessings


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