The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father

The war memorial chapel

The Holy Trinity war memorial consists of a striking design of Saint George and the dragon. The work is a mosaic with alabaster surround.

War Memorial Chapel

The ship's bell on the altar comes from HMS Respond, an Admiralty tug which for 40 years from 1918 saw service in many parts of the world and finished her career in HM Dockyard in Malta. The bell has been used on numerous occasions for the baptism of children of Service personnel.

The altar was transferred from Saint Mary's chapel-of-ease in Tonwell. The frontal is by Elspeth Kemp who designed and worked it.

The MIlitary Standards

Three military standards have been laid up above the memorial. They belonged to local branches of the Old Contemptible, Royal Navy Old Comrades and Royal Naval associations.

The Christ Church war memorial

The Christ Church war memorial consists of an oak screen with gilt lettering.

The Christ Church War Memorial

The design incorporates shields bearing the arms of the town of Hertford and the diocese of Saint Albans together with those of Saint George, Saint Michael and Saint Nicholas, the patron saints of England, soldiers and sailors, respectively.

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