The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father

Our mission

We want our church to be a beacon in Bengeo.

We want a church with open doors, offering to our community a centre of calm and a place of peace for those with busy lifestyles.

We offer a hub for family life as people of all ages grow together in the love of God and in friendship for one another.

We want people to consider our church God’s house, a place of warmth and welcome for all those who would know his love and healing.

We believe in this church as a sign of God’s presence in our midst. It is a pledge of our faith in God and a symbol of God’s faith in us.

We see Holy Trinity as a source of life, a life we hold sacred, hallowed ground in which Christian values can grow and flourish, for our good and the good of all those in our neighbourhood.

Does our vision meet with yours? Why not come and see?


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