The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father


The Parish of Bengeo is part of a ‘good news’ story - a church that is growing in faith and numbers. 

We are an active group of people offering pastoral care and support to children, schools and the elderly in our local community.  We have two lovely churches, one of which is Hertford’s oldest building and a church hall, all of which serve multiple purposes for our community.  

We want to sustain a vibrant future where people come to praise God, share their faith and participate in the wider role the church plays in the community.  We need money to make this happen – we are reliant upon the goodwill and generosity of our community and congregation for all our funds.

You can play a part

We need practical assistance to run our activities – to learn more, visit our Social Groups page. You can make a difference in Bengeo by offering the gift of your time.

You can donate money to our churches too.  By doing so, you’ll ensure we keep providing pastoral care and support for local people and secure our church buildings for future generations of people who want to worship God, get married, bury their loved ones and baptise their children in a church.

How can I give?

1.    You can give a regular donation by Standing Order .

2.    You can give a one-off donation to Holy Trinity Church through our online Charity Giving page.

3.    You can leave Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo a gift in your Will – after ensuring you have provided for your family, many people like to leave gifts to charity in their Wills.  Ask your solicitor when you next update your Will.  For more information about this see the legacy section below.

4.    You can help organise a fundraising event.  We have a calendar of fundraising and/or social events, and we always need help.  If you’d like to raise funds for Holy Trinity as a ‘thank you’ or to ensure Holy Trinity is there for more people in the future, then get in touch.

Where will my money go?

You’ll help support our church in Bengeo by ensuring that we have the resources necessary to:

•    provide pastoral care for all in need in the Parish of Bengeo
•    continue our work with families and children by supporting local schools, supporting our children’s ministry and the Little Fishes toddler group.
•    maintain the staffing of parishes in St. Albans Diocese (with all the implications for funding of the clergy; salary, pension, insurance etc.) This is paid out of the Diocesan Common Fund to which every parish contributes through the Parish Shares Scheme
•    preserve our two beautiful churches of Holy Trinity and St Leonard’s for our children and grandchildren.


Legacy giving – a gift for our future

A bequest made in your Will can make a huge difference to the churches of Bengeo.  You can decide how your money will benefit our churches funding either the day-to-day running costs of the ministry and mission of the church or works to maintain and improve the buildings beyond our lifetimes.

By leaving a gift in your will to Holy Trinity, you can ensure the future of a church in Bengeo for generations to come. It is really easy to do this and is tax efficient – to find out more, contact us. Your enquiry will be dealt with in strictest confidence. 


Robert Thompson
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