The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father

The work of Elspeth Kemp

The Parish of Bengeo is the home of Elspeth Kemp, and the churches of Bengeo boast a number of her textile works.

Three of her wall hangings were installed at Holy Trinity Church in 2009.

The wall hanging ‘Wellspring’ represents the creative purpose of God, who, like an artist puts something of himself into the work of art and thereby leaves his mark on it, a vital indication of God’s power and nature.


Here the artist is inviting us to probe the created order for the marks of its Maker. To do so is an attempt to ‘return the gift’ of producing – a gift bestowed on us by the Triune God: who created the heavens and the earth, whose Spirit moved over the waters of the deep, and without whose Word was not anything made that was made. (John 1:3)


The Wall Hanging ‘Dance’ represents the idea of transformation through relationship. It explores the initiative God takes in moving toward us: God continues to try to draw us to him, and in the revelation of his life in his Son, we learn from the movements of Jesus, leaning into him, finding the rhythms of grace, dancing in simplicity and humility, as we were created to do. Learning to dance with the Creator is how we are called to life.
(John 10:10)


The Wall Hanging ‘Receive’ is a response to the Holy Spirit coming and remaining, God’s outpouring and indwelling. It represents the prayers of those seeking God: those who would pray for whole, full, healed and redeemed life. It represents the hope of their hearts, their community and this earth that God would be with them. And it represents in return the promise of God fulfilled, as he breathes out his Spirit of life upon the people he loves, and says, ‘Receive’. (John 20:22)

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