The Parish of Bengeo

A family, together in faith with God our Father


We’re passionate about Holy Trinity. We want to see it moving forward; enhancing it, improving it, sharing it with our parish to the glory of God.

We’re full of good ideas on ways to do this. But we’re short of money. Our priority is to pay our bills and keep this church open. But whilst we’re here, we want to make Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo the best that we can.

Some of our plans for the future of this building are laid out here. If any of these projects capture your imagination then you can make them happen.

All of these projects are practical ideas that will make a real difference to our church. They show a church proud of the quality of its worship and the warmth of its welcome. We want to share that with many more people.

Each of these projects is designed with missionary purpose, reverent worship and clear communication as their aim.

If you support them, then your love for Holy Trinity will be shared with hundreds of people for years to come. Contact us to enquire further on a project that captures your imagination. They need your support to make them real.

Making a noise about church – repairing the bells

Background: The bells of Holy Trinity Church are in need of cleaning, painting and general repair. This is specialised work to be undertaken by professionals.

Plans: To restore a full ring of bells.

Further details: Work to repair the bells will be undertaken by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry Company, the world's most famous bell foundry.

For further information on plans, please Contact us.

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