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What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is an important time for a Christian to learn about the commitment that being a Christian involves.

They may have been baptised as a baby but in the confirmation service they will make their own promises before God about choosing to live as a Christian.

Before people are confirmed they will usually go to 'confirmation classes'. Here they will be taught about the important beliefs of Christians. They will also be taught about the Holy Communion Service and what it means.


What happens at Confirmation?

In the Bible we read that the apostles and other church leaders laid their hands on a Christian's head and prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit. You can read about this in The Bible, Acts chapter 9 verses 14 - 23 and chapter 19 verses 1 - 6. The Anglican Church still practices 'the laying on of hands' practiced by the Apostles. Today the authority of the Apostles is represented by a bishop who lays his hands on the heads of the 'confirmation candidates'. The confirmed Christians are then recognised as full members of their church.

The Age of Confirmation

In the Church of England it used to be tradition for people to be confirmed in their early teens, but there is no set age for confirmation. Baptized persons seek confirmation when they reach the age of mature understanding and commitment, and individuals might come to this decision at any age. However old they are, confirmation provides an opportunity for individuals to own for themselves promises made on their behalf by sponsors at a time when they were too young too answer for themselves

Each year in Bengeo parish children aged 11 and over are invited to explore the idea of confirmation. We provide instruction using the Youth Emmaus course, over a series of weekly sessions that explore how Anglicans live into our baptismal promises and what it means to be an Anglican Christian today.

Adult confirmands receive separate individual instruction, tailor-made to their needs and experience.

When can I get confirmed and how?

A Confirmation service is held in one of the Hertford churches each year, and candidates can come from several churches in the area. Their family and friends will join with them to support them and to celebrate this special day. Please contact us if you’re interested in Confirmation this year.

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